Home to the Antira Group since 2012.

Antira Group is composed of three UK subsidaries Antira Property, Antira Trading and Antira Research.



Antira was started by Anthony Croft in 2012 as a property development business and has since grown into the Antira Group. Anthony has a BSc & MSc in Computer Science and a PG Diploma in Business Adminstration. He began his career working in Credit and Market Risk Management in London, before moving into electronic trading. After working for 10 years in the city and with his first child on the way he wanted a more flexible work-life balance and there were a number of new exciting technologies which he wanted to look into including 3D printing and alternative energy sources.

Our ethos at Antira is if we can dream it we can build it!



All our businesses can be contacted at the following address:

1st Floor, Sackville House, 143-149 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 6BL


Antira Property Limited (Company No. 08217433) is a property development business which was primarily created to inflation proof capital while also providing an opportunity for capital growth by identifying commercial and residential buildings to which we could add value.


Antira Trading Limited (Company No. 10078371) is a financial trading company which deals in all types of financial instruments including foreign exchange, stocks and funds. We generally look for assets which we consider are under valued and take long (non-leveraged) positions. Our primary objective is capital growth and income.


Antira Research Limited (Company No. 11960983) is a research company focused around new 3D Printing techniques, robotics, and alternative energy sources. 3D printing will substantially reduce the cost of producing prototypes and we want to use this technology to enhance our understanding of various research fields.


Antira International Limited is a means to access the benefits of offshore transactions. Whilst low tax jurisdictions are not as beneficial as they once were, they still provide a low regulatory environment and are ideally situated to trade with the high growth BRIC countries.